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Terms & Conditions

Posted by on February 20, 2012


Please Note: We do not take bookings, we take customers who are then eligible to make bookings.

All applicants are subject to our Meet & Greet Policy
Both males and bitches attending The Canine Country Retreat must be castrated/spayed.

Our opening hours for dropping dogs off is 07.00 am onwards and latest collection time 19.00 pm – unless agreed by prior arrangement.

All food and treats to be kindly supplied by the dog’s owner.

Each new resident will be required to spend a trial period at The Canine Country Retreat prior to a holiday booking for the purposes of bonding and seeing appropriate behaviour with our own dogs in order for the new resident to be passed suitable to mix with our dogs during any bookings.  This will be charged at the normal day’s rate.

The Canine Country Retreat has the right to refuse a resident during this time if it is felt not be suitable to mix with our or any other dogs.

Owners will notify their vet prior to leaving their dog/dogs with The Canine Country Retreat that all vet fees will be settled by the owner on their return home. (Any visits to vet will be charged as per my price list).

With all new Retreat Residents, 50% deposit will be required if booking more than one month in advance unless otherwise agreed.

If cancellation occurs within 14 days of visit, this deposit will be retained by The Canine Country Retreat.

Full payment will be required prior to commencement of the booking.


By signing The Canine Country Retreat Consent Form you confirm that you are the owner of said dog(s) and that you authorse The Canine Country Retreat representative, Fiona Vince-Jackman to act as guardian during your absence and to take any action which she considers suitable in order to protect and keep in good health said named pet(s).

This will further confirm that you will be responsible for any costs which might be incurred (veterinary or otherwise) as a result of any sickness, accident or damage caused to or by said named pet(s) and that you will pay any such costs or expenses on demand.

This further confirms that no liability will attach to The Canine Country Retreat.  You further understand that by giving your authorisation that your pet(s) may be looked after and walked with other pet(s) from another family.

A signed consent/confirmation has no expiration date unless otherwise stated and so will remain in effect for all future bookings.  A photocopy of the consent/confirmation shall have the same effect as the client/pet owners original signature.




The Canine Country Retreat is fully covered by Pet Business Insurance.






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